Monday, 17 July 2017

Windfall by Jennifer E Smith Book Review (no spoilers)

Deep down, I know I shouldn't really admit this. It's a thing that could be regarded as treasonous to the world of reading as spoiling a book for someone. Heinous even. The first thing that enticed me about Windfall was the pretty cover. Yes, I hear your gasp most clearly but perhaps my reasoning will put me back in your good books. The matte mint cover reminded me of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, I book that I loved reading and once I'd read the blurb and learned that similarly to Fangirl, the book is derived of a spectacularly simple idea; What if a teenager won the lottery?

Just like that, I knew my eye had chosen well. Such a straight forward idea was startlingly compelling and I tip my hat to Miss Smith for putting her own twist on the idea. I devoured the book in a day and it is substantially paged. Told from the perspective of a Californian orphan living with family in Chicago, the book is incredibly emotive. I must admit it is not exactly what I expected, a few more details on what else the coveted money would be spent on would be intriguing but the impact of the win upon the main trio was exciting enough. The book dodges the cliche that easily could have a risen. 'Teenagers with problems finally win dream life.' No, the book isn't just about the money. I mean, obviously it was about the money, the lottery win is the essence of the plot. Family, friends of first love are key elements too, contributing to a lovely tale of teens finding themselves once they're world changes. I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed every twist and turn of Alice, Teddy and Leo's story. For an easy read with a charming tale, I recommend Windfall.

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